Monday - Friday 11am-2am
Saturday - Sunday 10am-2am
Holidays: Christmas & July 4th


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 Karaoke dj matty ice

 Saturdays!! 9 to 1am

sing or listen


Thursday e.d.m night

come dance the night away!! enjoy our surround sound and great drinks 9pm - 1 AM


karaoke With Rocky & Kristine 9pm - 1am

with 5 dollar Bacardi oakhearts  7pm-9pm 

At the pub therE is always something going on. look below to see what day you want to come in and have a great time. We also have karaoke 3 nights a head in and sing your heart out!

Tuesday poker night

$15 buy in -- 100% Payout

7 pm start- come on in & win the bucks.  if you don't somebody else will!

Monday industry night

Karaoke with Matty Ice

9pm - 1am

Receive 20 % off your bill with industry i.d.


UFC 218 December 2nd 7 pm

UFC 217  November 4th 7 pm

bartender's specials

These drinks are only available WHEN THAT PARTICULAR  bartender IS working

taylors one night stand!

Jack Daniels Fire....4

Christian's ballers - Need some spice in your life?

Fireball shots...4

Paige's sweet tart 

Hornitos Tequila shot.  A badass TQ....4

jessika's  rumpleminze

                   Just what it sounds like a basic shot of Rumpy...4

January's Jameson

Pretty Straight Forward ....4

Raven's Salted Caramel- Try this tasty treat

Black Velvet Toasted Caramel Whiskey with a salted rim... 

Melease's Pendelton shots

Straight up or on the rocks -- $4